Plus ça change…

So, I’m no longer in France, for the time being. Things change, life moves on, and now I’m on the other side of the Channel for a while. With the Schengen visa being what it is, this was not unexpected, though the timing of the move was a little sooner than planned.

But I’m here in the land of, well, great ale, fish and chips and driving on the left side of the road with all the controls on the right side of the car. That adjustment to that latter is ongoing, but I’m basically comfortable with it. The fish and chips has required no such adjustment (malt vinegar and yes, salt, please)!

No photos to share on this post (although, by the time some of you read this, I’ll have posted some images from the UK and edited this post accordingly!), but things won’t stay that way for long.

You may notice — if you’ve been following along at home — there are now links to other blogs. Please do visit them and show support for them.

And, as always, thanks for stopping by — the stories and images WILL continue. Until then, a bientôt!

Author: alfonsoelsabio

Citoyen du monde: Photographer, librarian/archivist/academic, musician, and writer... I've lived in, or visited, every state in the US except South Dakota and Hawaii.