“Selling England by the Pound…”

Well, you were warned, weren’t you?

It snowed here this morning. Rather solidly, too, in the way that it snows in Michigan and New England — warm, wet, and heavy. Nothing like the light powder that I saw in Wyoming and Alaska. I have to say I rather miss the snow we got in Fairbanks, partly because it was so dry by comparison. Mind you, there were other aspects about that I do NOT miss, but still one cannot help but reminisce a little now and then.

Here’s a requisite photo (I did say I’d start adding some photos from here, too):


Wet, heavy snow. The kind that packs down hard when you walk through it. The kind that freezes overnight into nasty little ridges and crags across the driveways and entrances of businesses and parking lots (oops! I mean “car parks!”).

But it always looks lovely in those first few hours after falling, so we can enjoy the images long after it turns to something less entrancing.

Winter here so far reminds me, as I said, of Michigan and Massachusetts, except that everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road…

Author: alfonsoelsabio

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2 thoughts on ““Selling England by the Pound…””

  1. Looks a bit like right here in upstate NY at the moment (except maybe a bit more damp and icy by you).
    The sun did come out here this afternoon and melted a bit, then the wind kicked up. I, for one, and no longer a fan of winter…

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    1. The wind has been pretty constant for the past several days, if not in velocity, then certainly in presence. The snow started melting a bit, but the temps are hovering right at freezing, so it’s gonna be that nasty “New England” mix, aside from the fact that it’s “Old” England!

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