Stilton isn’t Brie (selling England by the kilo)

So, a few adjustments have had to be made. I’ve left the Land of 300 Cheeses, but it’s also a place where “daily bread” means a lot. I’m having trouble here finding a substitute for the phenomenal bread that was a daily ritual in France. My cheese choices are obviously different, but I expected that to be the case. Super TESCO and Sainsbury are the closest big markets, but I have access to a car for personal use (!), so I’m trying to explore in my spare time.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a whole lot of that, as we’ve been preparing for Winter and battening down all appropriate hatches. The recent bout of ice and snow was certainly a harbinger of things to come and with them, lots of things will come to a halt, so we have to get ready.

But I have had a few “escapes” into London, and having a car readily available to get to the closest station means easy access to the train, and that is wonderful indeed. Mr. Johnson was certainly on to something in his appraisal of the metropolis (although I would make the same argument for Paris, sigh) and it’s such a great place to photograph. I always return with something new each time we go out on the streets of London.

And just as often, indoors proves fruitful. The Barbican is an amazing place, both inside and out; sometimes, just the people and their interactions with the space is enough —

Hangin’ at the ‘can…

Live music is always a draw; they had a pretty good crowd for a Sunday evening, too! Apparently, it was something like an open mic for jazz that evening so things were, well, a little chaotic.

The jammin’ about to start…

… and so very much more.

Liverpool Street Station being yet another spot where the eye never rests for long. Whether it’s checking in to see where you have to go next —

Checking in…

or just checking out —


Or maybe just getting out —

Near St. Pancras

London does keep the eye moving.

Until next time… a bientôt!

Author: alfonsoelsabio

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