Bibendum à Londres

Some of you just might remember an earlier blogpost from the Pas de Calais about Michelin tires and Bibendum, the Michelin Man (Whither Bibendum?) . Well, there’s more to the story!

We’d gone on a quest for brunch, looking for a restaurant that was supposed to be near the Victoria & Albert Museum , but apparently it wasn’t there, or at least not in its previous incarnation. So we found this place — Aubaine on Brompton Road — and decided to give it a try. But before that had happened, we came across another (not-so) small wonder!


Yep, the Michelin Tyre Co. Building.

With Bibendum, bigger than life. Or maybe this IS life-size…

Michelin Tyre Co. “Nunc est Bibendum”

In London!

Needless to say, I HAD to take some photos, at least one or two. There are tiled illustrations all around the outside and on the walls inside the Bibendum Oyster Bar, so I snagged a few of those.

Grand Prix
Paris-Vienne 1902


Paris-Brest 1891

But there wasn’t enough time on the parking meter to take all the photos I wanted, so I will have to go back. And the great thing is that it’s not far from one of the stops on Tube, so I can go straight there.

So for now, one more of our Hero:

BIBENDUM! On a bicycle!

Until next time, á bientôt!

P.S. Brunch was great! Do check out the Aubaine on Brompton Road, if you’re in the neighborhood.


Author: alfonsoelsabio

Citoyen du monde: Photographer, librarian/archivist/academic, musician, and writer... I've lived in, or visited, every state in the US except South Dakota and Hawaii.

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