Failure IS an option: a short and sweet reminder

A friend reminds us: to fail is hopefully to learn

My friend, Jason Lazarus, is a highly-talented artist, educator, and practitioner of the secret arts of the alt-hist photo processes (as we like to obfuscate about the practice of alternative and historical photographic processes — in his case, especially, cyanotype, VanDyke Brown, and now, calotype). He runs a blog where he talks about these things and the accompanying trials and tribulations, as well as the stunning successes, that keep us pursuing them.

I have his blog listed over there on the right hand side, but I want to draw attention to his latest post discussing his beginning to learn the Calotype. “Redefining Failure: this is what learning looks like” is the title of his latest post and it is an honest look at what it means to explore, to fail, and to keep on trying.

Sorry, this one has no direct travel-related content, but as an artist, I do take inspiration where I can find it. Jason helped me to finally return to my own interest in alt-hist-photo and I remain inspired by him.

Do go and take a look, if you’re so inclined.

Á bientôt! (I promise some travel-related photos soon)

Author: alfonsoelsabio

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