Taking Baby Steps

I take photographs. But then, you probably figured that out if you’ve been reading along.

I’ve been taking photographs for some time and ever so often people buy some of them. This makes them happy and it makes me happy, too. So I’ve taken a small step to make that more possible for more people — I’ve created a Patreon page and am offering up some of my images in several different formats.

I hope that some of you will consider supporting this effort — if you’re reading this, I’d like to think you’re interested in my efforts and becoming a patron will go a very long way in allowing me to continue this.

And for that reason, here’s a little something from a recent visit to one of my favorite train stations:

Paddington, 20 February 2018

Paddington is one of my favorites — I like King’s Cross/St. Pancras, but the architecture of Paddington constantly amazes and surprises me with the shifts in the light of both day and night. Enjoy!

A bientôt!

Author: alfonsoelsabio

Citoyen du monde: Photographer, librarian/archivist/academic, musician, and writer... I've lived in, or visited, every state in the US except South Dakota and Hawaii.

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