A brief moment of sunlight…

And the town goes crazy!

For a few hours, the sun made an appearance and proceeded to wrap everything in warm Winter’s light.

However brief, it was welcome. Stepping out on to the street…

… a very welcome sight after all the gray of late.

So taking a stroll and looking around…

… there’s things a-happening! ICE SKATING! Whee! The rink opens today…

And then there was this… you might remember seeing this last year… they REALLY want you to SCHREIB! DEIN! BUCH!
So grab your pens, pencils, and notebooks and get to work!

That’s all for right now. Promises of snow for later, so that was a very welcome break.

Open letter to Leipzig Mayor: problem hiring foreigners

Open letter to Leipzig Mayor: problem hiring foreigners

— Read on leipglo.com/2019/01/18/open-letter-problem-hiring-foreigners/

It might seem like “preaching to the choir” but it bears repeating. I’d hear that people had contacted the Mayor of Leipzig’s office about this issue, but I haven’t heard if it has made any difference. I certainly can’t see that it has.

I can only hope that others have complained, commented, or otherwise expressed concern over the manner in which applications are being handled locally with regards to hiring “foreigners.”

I have to keep telling myself that I, too, am alien here and a foreigner.

The long way home

… ‘cause I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home.

The trams at rush hour can be challenging, even on the best of days.

The view from here
The view from here

Another day shopping is coming to an end.

The Street
The Street

Next stop, transfer to other services…