Working the S-Bahn

It’s been a long week and my weekend is here. No classes tomorrow so it starts tonight for me. So naturally the weather forecast is calling for wind, rain, and cool/cold temperatures.

Tonight was very much that way — that saying that I learned in Denmark about there being no bad weather, just bad clothing? Well, tonight was a poster child for that and even with the clothes, it was just plain miserable out there.

I was grateful to be on the train, coming back from the client tonight. So was the woman sitting across from me:

At peace on the train
At peace on the train

I am usually afraid to fall asleep on the train for very long for fear of winding up down in Zwickau. Although these days, with my rail pass, it wouldn’t be quite so challenging as the first visit to that town. Must plan for another visit and take the bikes to get around.

Until next time, a bientôt and tschuß!

Author: alfonsoelsabio

Citoyen du monde: Photographer, librarian/archivist/academic, musician, and writer... I've lived in, or visited, every state in the US except South Dakota and Hawaii.

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