Ein bisschen von diesem, ein bisschen von jenem…

Which is to say, “a little from this, a little from that”. And that is how it’s been. The weather here has not decided if it will be Spring or Winter — there’s snow in the forecast for this weekend, but those days it does decide that it’s time to move on, the days are quite glorious. Growing up on the Texas Coast, Spring was more a matter of hours, not thought of as a season of weeks if not months. Ever since I was in Grad School back in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I have come to appreciate Spring with all its capricious attitude and snow. Of course, experiencing mountain weather of Laramie at 2200 meters meant going from Winter to Spring to Summer and back to Winter in the space of 24 hours!

But we persist.

And that means the continuing train and tram travel, interrupted by biking and walking where and when we can. Public transport offers the most fun… and sometimes we get repeat visits. I didn’t take her photo yesterday, but this is another un-named fellow traveller on the S-bahn.

Her companion from before was not present but I suppose I’ll see him next time I’m coming back from that direction. There are a number of faces that are beginning to become familiar as we have similar commuting habits. This seems to be especially true for we cyclists, who often wind up watching out for each other at the stops to be sure we can get on and off with our bikes.

Longing to go, a captive of the sun.

Little hints along the way, walking from station to client, client to station…

This morning, the tips of those branches were now spreading sworls of leaves. By next week I’m sure they will be fully formed.

Here are some gratuitous motorcycle photos for you, Terry… still not much sign of the café racers, but I’m sure they are around:

I wonder whose ego is bigger between those two?

As for the localvores, it’s “spargelzeit” and we’ve been inundated with both white and green asparagus. Good eats for while it is here (and it seems to last longer than the all-too short Fall chantarelle season in the restaurants).

Two more transit photos for today — the first was on the tram, coming back from a client. They got on with me and we joked a bit in German… the real fun was later when I wound up giving directions, auf Deutsch natürlich, to a group of Germans, showing them on my phone where they needed to get off. The couple found that immensely amusing, the American explaining directions in Leipzig.

The other gentleman was sitting opposite on another tram, and his expression was simply one to not miss. So I didn’t…

So that’s all for now, from a little here and a little there… à bientôt!

Author: alfonsoelsabio

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