And now for something slightly different!

So I have, in the recent past, experimented with using laser printer toner to create images by fusing the powder to various substrates such as metal, Mylar film, Yupo, and paper. Sometimes, I’ve used a heat gun, other times I’ve used solvents such as acetone and mineral spirits. The results vary with each approach and I continue to experiment.

Annemarie and I have been investigating serigraphy; she did an all-day workshop last weekend, and I had earlier discovered a local gallery that also offered workshops (, I was immediately intrigued and reserved one. Today was the day!

Over the course of two hours this morning I pulled eighteen prints, 40 cm by 30 cm, twelve on 300 gsm white hot press paper, four on a 300 gsm white glossy paper and one each on papers of unknown weight, one green and the other cream-colored. Here are the results:

Twelve of these.

Four of these.

And one each of these:

The image of “Marcel” (my new mascot!) was created as a toner wash using mineral spirits to fuse the powder to a small sheet of Mylar, which was then scanned to create an editable digital file. This was then split into three separations which I printed with two shades of black and one shade of gray.

More fun ahead!