Et maintenant, quelque chose de complètement différent…

Well, not all THAT different, any way!

Started this afternoon on this —

Initial State 01:

Positive and inverted scans of etched aluminum plate; the non-etched areas are highly polished and reflective, so they appear dark and the etched areas in grays and whites in the positive. The traces of red are the remnants of the BIG Etching Ground (Baldwin’s Ink Ground — comes in red or black, the red making it easier to see on the plate). I’ll need to remove the last bits before continuing further… there’s at least another round of etching in the sodium+copper sulphate solution to come.

And yes, there are areas where I didn’t have the ground rolled out as evenly as I thought, so it’s lacking in good coverage and you can see what is a kind of dot pattern on the plate. If I let it, I could etch this further and that texture would print. What’s cool about the aluminum is that it will etch a texture if there is no ground/resist present…

So how did you spend your Saturday afternoon?

Positive scan

Inverted scan, suggests what the plate would look like if printed with black ink on white paper at this stage. But, of course, there is still much work ahead on this!